Mutant Caves

Beware the dark depths of the caves... you may not come back.

In this epic story, you’ll collect custom ores to trade for loot, defeat mutant mobs, fight incredible bosses, and learn the fate of your sister and the rest of her team.

  • Harrowing boss fights
  • Explore five different freaky biomes!
  • Mine and trade custom ores for stronger gear!
  • An intense and dark adventure
  • Multiple difficulties

Release Date: June 1st

Category: Adventure Map

Players: Singleplayer or Multiplayer

Discover the mystery of Rabbithole Mines!

Disturbing rumors of strange noises, mutated miners, and disappearing friends are being spread about Rabbithole Mines. If that weren’t spooky enough, data files for the valuable, secret scientific research Montgomery Industries was conducting has been carelessly forgotten in those very same mines, and for some reason, no one’s successfully retrieved it! Not even, say, someone very dear to you.

That’s where you come in. Descend into the fungus-filled caverns of Rabbithole Mines, salvage ore from the abandoned tunnels, arm yourself with the best striker-guns and hazmat suits you can craft so far below the surface, and fight your way through waves of mutated monsters, miners, and more so you can complete your mission… no matter the cost.

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Colossal Bosses

Take on five epic bosses, each one more twisted and mutated than the last! Rabbithole Mines hides many monsters in its dark depths, some of them where you’d least expect… But the horrors only get even more horrifying the deeper into the mines you drop.

What’s Mine is Ores

Rabbithole Mines is a great source of previously-unmined ores, and with most of the miners missing or mutated, there’s plenty of ore for you to dig up. Find the vending machines scattered throughout the mines and send your mined ore back to HQ in exchange for a new, mysterious element you can use to craft new, mysterious armor and weapons.

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Gripping Action-Adventure Story

This mystery tale mutates into sci-fi horror almost the second you descend into the mines. It doesn’t take long to learn something more ominous is responsible for the miners’ disappearances than Montgomery Industries claims, but why is that research data more important to them? As you stumble upon your missing sister’s voice recordings and learn about her harrowing tale, her fear might become… infectious.

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Down the Rabbithole: Behind the Scenes of Mutant Caves

Decay By Design: We had so much fun making Mutant Mash-Up and all its weird mobs and locations, and we knew we just wanted more. 

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More mutants, more monsters, more everything! Of course, ‘more’ can mean a lot of things, so we decided to stick to ‘more messed-up mushrooms’ and design a world and story to be populated by all sorts of fungal creations. Even though the whole idea of a mutant is about combining two things that don’t happen naturally, we looked to real-life nature for inspiration. That’s true not just for the mutant monsters, but for our levels and biomes, too! Although the fungal mutation is absolutely not natural or human, the curve and shape it takes on the environment and beasts is logical to what we see on Earth even if the coloring and context is completely, 100% unnatural. That visual disconnect reinforces the wrongness and creepiness of these mutated lifeforms.


Monster Mashes: These boss fights are some of the most epic we’ve shown you so far! 

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We wanted to wow you right at the start. Every single boss has a dramatic entrance into the arena to really get your blood pumping and keep that energy high throughout the frenetic fight. You’ll see familiar animals like bats and fish squished together with familiar plants like mushrooms and trees, and somehow, the resulting monster is so much uglier and scarier than if we’d just given it more teeth. (We definitely did give at least one monster too many teeth and too many mushrooms growing out of it. You’re welcome, nightmares.)

Meet the Mutants of Rabbithole Mines


Mutated Miners
Wondering what happened to the miners? Here’s your answer. You’ll find shamblers like them almost everywhere. These brainless miners may be slow, but their punches can be unpredictable.


Mutated Guards
 Even in mutant form, these guards have a job to do: keep you out of the mines! Watch out for their long-range security lasers.


Mutated Scientists
Don’t become these mutants’ next experiment. Take them out before they can throw a fungal potion on you.


Careful where you step! These scuttling humanoids will strike close and fast, but they’ll crumple even faster if you keep your wits about you.


Fungal Spores
 Hold your breath and take that floating blob down from a distance before it tries to infect you with that mysterious pink fungus…


Mutated Bats
 They may not be tough, but these big, mutated bats will attack you in a huge swarm! Keep an eye out for flapping wings; they’ll swoop in fast.


Mutated Spiders
Every good adventure story has giant spiders to defeat. These ones are just… more mutated and fungal than usual.


Spore Sacs
Don’t let these weirdly-shaped sacs fool you: they’re just as dangerous as anything down in the mines. Get too close, and they’ll puff out fungal spores to infect you.

The Big Baddies

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Mutated Foreman
This strong miner may have worked for Montgomery Mines before getting mutated, but that doesn’t make the two of you friends. Their sledgehammer will hurt as much as the fungal spores oozing from their back!

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Queen Bat 
If you thought the mutated bats gave you trouble before, wait until the biggest bat of all joins in. Solve the pesky mutated bat problem by defeating their Queen!

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The Big One
You better make up something quick before this super-fast barracuda gets you! Don’t fall prey to a hit-and-swim!

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The Blight King
An ancient, unknowable monster that has thrived in these subterranean depths, the Blight King is proof of this fungal mutation’s frightening power.

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Alien Hivemind
There’s something deeper here. Something less natural than the Blight King. Something more unnatural than machines. Something not of this world. Something Montgomery Industries don’t want you to find.

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