Who we are

Originally founded in 2014, Everbloom Games is a team of professional, innovative and experienced Minecraft creators.

With our expertise and a broad range of skills, we use Minecraft to amaze, educate and entertain. Our team consists of some of the best builders, map-makers, artists, and programmers in the game. Combining these skills together allows us to go beyond our clients’ expectations and make our maps stand out.


What we do

Everbloom is commited to telling meaningful stories inside of Minecraft and pushing the medium to its boundaries

Since 2017 we’ve been working with the official Minecraft team as a partner in providing them with entertaining content for Minecraft players on the Minecraft Marketplace. We create story-driven adventures, fun minigames and beautiful worlds for players all around the world to enjoy and explore!

We’re also passionate about using Minecraft as a tool in education! We’ve worked with teachers and the official Minecraft Education team on creating beautiful and immersive educational content, making it more attractive for teachers all around the world to adopt Minecraft in their classroom!

What is Minecraft?

Our Culture

Everbloom is for all.
Everbloom believes that in order to create a game for everyone, we need to see it from the point of view of everyone. It doesn’t matter our genders, or races, or religions or backgrounds. Our different points of view are like threads of a different color, the more that we have, the bigger, more beautiful and colorful rope we make. Embracing our differences will allow our rope to become stronger and stronger. Ensuring that everyone is included will make that rope become stronger than ever and help us create diverse, intelligent, and thought provoking content.
With our expertise and a broad range of skills, we use Minecraft to amaze, educate, and entertain. Our team consists of some of the best builders, map-makers, artists, and programmers in the gaming community. Combining these skills together allows us to make our content stand out.
We are constantly looking for new talent to join our team, and we believe that everyone deserves a fair chance to pursue their passion. We are not perfect, we are still growing, and there is still a lot of work to do to ensure that our differences are all welcome and included. We know that everyone is different and embracing these differences will allow our company to grow and thrive.

The Team

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Matthew Banks


Managing Director


Tom van Berkel



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Ilan Komrad


Project Manager

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