Dragon Park


Thrilling rides where dragons come to life!

We’ve carefully crafted these immersive rollercoaster rides to let you get to know dragons up close and personal! Rides range from relaxed journeys through majestic lands where you experience the story of a dragon’s life, to thrilling rollercoasters where you’ll need to blast through armies of orcs! We’ve even got fun minigames and merch to collect! Not to mention the gorgeous park grounds to explore! There’s tons of fun to be had in Dragon Park!

Price:  1340 Minecoins

Release Date: November 8th, 2022

Category: Adventure Map

Players: Singleplayer or Multiplayer

(only works if you have Minecraft bedrock installed)

Main Attractions

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Life of a Dragon

A story-driven indoor ride where you’ll learn the story of a dragon from egg to adulthood. As you go from room to room you will see a dragon growing up through the various stages of their lives and the hardships they go through.

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Dragon Attack

A big dragon is laying siege to your castle with its army of orcs! Defeat the orcs using your trusty blaster and get to the dragon’s lair to take him down for good! You’ll earn points depending on how skilled of a marksman you are. Can you get the high-score?

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Dragon Chase

A massive angry dragon is chasing you! Ride away on your trusty dragon and don’t get caught! Along the way you will witness some stunning scenes. Choose your path to decide where you want to go and escape the evil dragon’s grasp! 

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Dragon Valley

Wander through this peaceful valley to experience dragons up close and personal! Get to see many aspects of a dragon’s life. This area is filled with easter eggs. The various biomes show how dragons live differently all around the world!

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