Space Adventure: The Dark Menace

Shoot aliens with your Space Blaster in this epic adventure! As Commander, you’ll lead your crew on a journey across the galaxy in 3 expansive chapters! Featuring Companion AIs and a dark and meaningful story. The Dark Menace is waiting… What will you do?

Price: 830 coins

Platforms: Win10, Xbox One, iOS, Android, Switch

Release Date: November 5th, 2019

Category: Adventure Map, Combat

Players: Singleplayer

The Story

An alien gang called the Dark Menace has started to terrorize your home galaxy in search for a rare mineral, destroying the planets and ecosystems they encounter for profit. They come and use drill miners on planets until their ecosystems are destroyed. Members of the gang also deploy on the planets to protect the equipment. They murder everyone who comes near the equipment or tries to interfere with their rampage. You are part of an elite group your government has contracted to protect your home galaxy.

Meet your crew

title card olivia character 1

She’s the brains of this operation. A brilliant strategist who graduated at the top of her class in half the time. She’ll be your voice of reason, and she is always willing to lend a hand where it’s needed. She’ll help guide you in any tests of logic you may encounter.

buzz title card character

While he just barely graduated from Star Academy, Buzz is one of the most dedicated cadets we have ever seen. He’s great for morale and has a rather funny take on life. He tries hard, but he just hasn’t quite found his calling yet. He’s here as support, and as you know, we’re spread very thin, due to the Dark Menace.

lance title card character

Cold and calculated, and one of the best shots we have ever seen. With Lance, it’s mission first, everything else later. To help you out, he’ll be your second in command. He can be hot-headed and bossy, but he’s one of the best people you can have watching your back.

What you're up against

SA Attack Render 0120

The Dark Menace

No attempts at any form of communication. Their bombs blotted out the sky and decimated the cities below. After exterminating any life they find, they rip the planet apart with giant drills and machines, searching for resources amongst the rubble. After the once thriving planets are converted to barren wastelands, they pack up and move onto the next. At this rate, if they aren’t stopped, the aliens will eventually wipe out all life in the galaxy.

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