Action Movie Maker


Create your own action movie in Minecraft!

Welcome to the TNT Stunt School for filmmaking, where you get to direct your very own action movie! Choose the star for your next blockbuster hit, set the scene, and capture that spectacular stunt from the perfect angle! Once you’ve got that down, put on the finishing touches and edit your movie to make it truly yours! You can customize it with sound effects, voice-over, slow-mo, and particle effects! Giving you endless possibilities to make your movie unforgettable!

Price:  990 minecoins

Release Date: April 12th, 2022

Category: Creative Toolbox

Players: Singleplayer Recommended

(only works if you have Minecraft bedrock installed)

Plan your next scene

Prior Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance! So start making your new film by choosing which actor you want to star in it! Then choose from the various locations available to you, and finally choose the stunt you want your actor to perform in this location!

Execute and edit to perfection

Now that you’ve planned your scene, you can get to editing! Nail the perfect shot by choosing the right camera angle for your stunt. Put time into sloooow-motion to create an extra dramatic effect! Add particles such as explosions, flames, or wind! Add in sounds, voice lines, and music to make your scene come to life!

vlc ch0IDSLsr8

View your new movie!

After you’ve gone through and meticulously edited your film to make it just how you want it to be, it is now ready for your viewing pleasure! Hop on over to the big screen and enjoy the film!

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