Minecraft x Dungeons & Dragons

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Experience a dramatic tale unfold!

Along with an unlikely draconic ally, you’ll be immersed in a high-stakes, emotionally-driven journey. Explore five iconic locations in the Forgotten Realms like Icewind Dale and Candlekeep, while battling Beholders, Mimics, Mind Flayers, and more.

Will you be a sneaky rogue, or a raging barbarian? Choose your class, upgrade your stats, and unlock classic spells like fireball
and magic missile. Lead with battle or ace ability checks to escape sticky situations. Prepare for an adventure!

Price:  1510 Minecoins

Release Date: September 26th, 2023

Category: Adventure Map

Players: Singleplayer, Multiplayer Supported

(only works if you have Minecraft bedrock installed)

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A surprisingly immersive experience that actually feels like DnD


Probably the most impressive Minecraft marketplace map I have ever seen


This is one of the best Minecraft maps I've ever played!


Key Characters



An ancient golden dragon who lives in the Cloud Peaks. Distant and stern, he has watched events play out in Faerûn for centuries, though has seldom involved himself. Though he does not actively socialize with anyone, he has been known to offer advice and knowledge to visitors, for a price anyhow. Now, though, he has lost his body and is forced to share his mind with Katra while they search for a way to restore him. During their adventures together, Katra takes to calling him “Vaer,” much to his chagrin



As a tiefling, he spent most of his life overcoming discrimination against his heritage. Rather than cripple or embitter his spirit, though, the years of being untrusted or outright abused by his peers drove him to prove his worth and defy their expectations. Now he is the Sage of Magic in Candlekeep, marking him as one of the greatest scholars in Faerûn and a powerful wizard. Though he may seem rude and disinterested, his curiosity is piqued when Katra and Endandravaer appear before him.



The Commander of the Garrison in Mithral Hall and the de facto leader of the famous dwarven city. Tordek has spent centuries protecting and guiding his people through all manner of crises, aided by his friend and wizard companion Fengir. However, the danger he and the dwarves face now is nothing like the goblin or drow invasions that he is used to and he has become understandably suspicious and cautious of all outsiders.



A storm giant living in the frozen wilderness of Icewind Dale. When a storm giant becomes old and powerful enough, they can choose to discard their bodies and become living, thinking storms. Nalkra is one of these “quintessents” and she spends most of her time as a blizzard that rages endlessly around her mountain home. She is also the friend of a powerful, but somewhat radical and dangerous dragonborn druid named Myastan Kimuren. She has helped them before, be it in battle or simply to offer friendship, but her friend’s actions have finally caught up to them and there is nothing she can do to save them now.

larva mage

The Masked Mage

This mysterious figure and his accomplices have dark and dangerous plans for both Endandravaer and Faerûn itself. No one outside of his organization knows who (or what) is behind the mask and only the madmen under his command seem to know what his objectives are. Whatever his motives are, though, he and his minions have been kidnapping people all along the Sword Coast and have also allowed some sort of monster to possess Endandravaer’s now soulless body.



All sphinxes are created by one deity or another to protect sacred places. As a female sphinx, or “gynosphinx,” Sunamati specializes in protecting knowledge and magic that is dear to her creator, the moon deity Selûne. Though she is a fierce guardian who performs her duty faithfully and has destroyed many an intruder, Sunamati is also rather sociable and wishes that she got more visitors at her temple. There are not many opportunities for conversation when you live in the middle of a forest and have a reputation for eating those who come to see you.

The World

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