Anime Mash-up

Anime Mash-up Minecraft Marketing Key Art

Explore a Massive Anime City!

Embrace your inner otaku and feature in your very own slice-of-life anime with Anime Mash-Up! Welcome to Anime Mash-Up, a sprawling city full of vibrant, chatty characters; zany cars fresh off the streets of Shinjuku; and maybe a giant mecha to fight. Pack a bento, bring your pals, and check out Anime Mash-Up! Don’t mind the Dosatsu Corporation’s surveillance cameras and secretive agents – they’re here to keep our city safe from troublemakers, and that’s definitely not you… right?


  • New vehicles, new mobs, so much new content!
  • Massive city with complete interiors for roleplay
  • Full anime texture pack you can use in your own worlds
  • NPCs with reactive dialogue!
  • Epic mecha boss battle

Price: 1340 coins

Release Date: February 9th, 2020

Category: Mash-up, Roleplay

Players: Singleplayer or Multiplayer

Anime Mash-Up puts you in the starring role of a slice-of-life anime. Shape your story the way you want, either on your own or with friends. Your experience is totally unique! Every teahouse, ramen shop, and corporate building has its own secrets; it’s up to you how much you want to pry.

A word of advice if you go poking around, however: Dosatsu doesn’t like secrets, and those city-wide cameras are always on you! Every one of Anime Mash-Up’s colorful characters will have something to say about your actions. Being an anime protagonist is a lot of responsibility, huh?

The fun doesn’t stop here, either: bring the full Anime Mash-Up texture pack into your own worlds, too!

Use the texture pack in your own worlds!

This mash-up comes with an authentic-looking Japanese texture pack! We worked with a cultural consultant to make sure we got all the details right, which helps you create your own realistic Japanese buildings and really make you feel like you’re in Japan!

Japanese minecraft textures created for Anime mash-up
Anime Mash up panorama 0
Reactive dialogue system for Anime Mash-up

It’s over 1000… lines of dialogue!

NPCs comment on your actions with our brand-new reactive dialogue and character archetype system. Can you hear some juicy gossip from the otaku who saw you snooping around the radio tower? What does the spoiled, snooty person think of you wasting your time in a video game store?

Which character would you be in an anime?

NPCs from Anime Mash-up

Includes 24 skins!


Explore the Everbloom offices!

Although we all work from home at the moment, we saw Anime Mash-up as the perfect opportunity to see what it would be like if all of us worked in the same office! Everyone on the team pitched in and decorated their own office for you to explore! There are tons of secrets and stories to discover in the Everbloom HQ, and many other buildings around Anime Mash-up! 

Interior of everbloom offices in Anime Mash-up

Test-drive tons of unique vehicles

like tanuki buses, cyberpunk motorcycles, or even extravagant dekotora trucks. Drive all over the city with these real-world vehicles… but it’s your call if you want to obey traffic laws.

Take a trip to Japan

just by walking around the city. Our diligent research and cultural consultation means you can experience plenty of authentic sights and activities in Minecraft form!

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