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  1. Hi! I played your map and was able to complete it, only needing the solution in levels 38 and 49. It’s very cool for kids to learn how programming works, although the final levels would be quite complicated for them. I’m 17 now and I had programming classes in the past, so I knew how the basics worked and cracked some of the puzzles with a unique logic solution, different from the ones available on your site. That was an amazing experience, teaches you a lot about programming, and offers space for different solutions than the intended ones, stimulating creativity. Awesome! Five stars for it!

  2. This Is A Cool Map But it’s Very hard for me. Probably just me, I read above someone did 48 out of 50 Levels (Wow). I got to 17 and Then Gave Up to play another Map (was Also free) because I was like “This Is Impossible” and I read the Instructions and I was like “Guess not but VERY Complicated” and Left. Still, I Enjoyed The Map (At Least the easy part) so I Would Reccomend it for a more… “Skilled” Person 🙂

  3. I really like this. Thanks for all of the solutions. On number 7 I was confused if the two backwards blocks got stuck from the sixth level, but nope! This is amazing, please make more.

  4. I decided to explore the map and found there was free play so I used this to get to it asap. This was really helpful!

    1. I think it has to do with it being Glazed Terracota. It Education Edition, Robots called Agents go over the Magenta terracota Cause it looks like an Arrow To where it’s pointing, Similar to the Move, Left and Right turn block, ETC, And The Thing that goes over is an “Agent”-type thing. I dunno how the robot copies it 🙁

  5. 50/10!! BEST MINECRAFT MAP EVER!!!!!
    Also, thx for the solution on level 19, it really helped.
    And, yes, I do play a TON of Minecraft.
    Also, yes, I do HATE “Fortnite”. To me, it’s trash that needs to burn.🔥🔥🔥
    But, yeah, I love his map that you people made.

  6. Help, I was playing and I needed to turn off my Minecraft, and when I reopened it the robot didn’t work, I closed Minecraft when the robot was walking, but the level doesn’t work.

      1. It sounds as if, when you exited Minecraft while the new chapter was loading, that this corrupted the save point, and you will need to start a fresh copy of this map. If you would like the code to the specific level you were on, please let us know!

  7. This is literally one of the BEST pages on the internet! I usually get stuck on these type of maps, and this helped SO MUCH!

        1. Hace que tu robot gire a la izquierda. Su robot no avanzará, sino que simplemente girará en su lugar.

          It makes your robot turn to the left. Your robot will not move forward, but simply turn in place.

    1. How the heck did you do 48 on your own? I did 24 and then did the guide for the next three then realized I’m not gonna be able to any of the other ones without a guide.

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