Futuristic Mining

Aliens have come to earth far in the future!

Uncover the secrets of a long-forgotten species known as humans! Your task is to mine for and analyze fossilized objects for display in a museum. Dig up “ancient” artifacts and send them off to the lab for analysis! Mine ores to get better futuristic mining equipment so you can find those artifacts even faster! Can you collect them all and become an expert on human history?

Price:  990 minecoins

Release Date: December 14th, 2021

Category: Adventure Map

Players: Singleplayer Recommended

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Mine ores to buy better mining equipment.

These aliens have some seriously futuristic tech! But, in exchange for a better mining machine, you’ll need to give them some amber from the nearby mines. Head over to the mines and collect as much amber as you can to save up for your next upgrade!

Hilariously wrong interpretations of everyday objects.

A microwave used as a cooking device? Oh no, of course not, humans were not nearly advanced enough to make use of—what did you call them, ‘miniscule waves? This must be used to store valuables, such as seashells or birdseed, and other precious human currency!

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Meet the lively townspeople.

Ever wondered what aliens lived like? Well, wonder no more! Watch aliens live out their lives in an all too familiar environment: planet earth! You might even come to find they’re not so different from the long-forgotten humans after all.

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