Fashion Legends

Dress to impress as you take on the fashion world!

Shop till you drop and dress up your models in endless outfit combinations! With up to three stunning models and your unique sense of fashion, can you impress the judges?

  • Go shopping at the mall and browse the seemingly endless clothing selections!
  • Get to know your models in cutscenes!
  • One of our most ambitious maps ever!

Price:  1510 minecoins

Release Date: September 14th

Category: Adventure Map

Players: Singleplayer

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Dress to impress!

Explore the vast range of shops at the mall and choose from an endless supply of clothes to make your unique outfit combination! You can customize your model in many different ways including hair, eye color, and skin color! Change each individual clothing piece and layer items to create a look that fits your unique sense of style! 

Can you win over the judges?

After you’ve dressed up your model it’s time to hit the runway! Watch your model strut down in style as they show off your unique creation! Though be warned, the competition is fierce and these judges are unforgiving. Match the style of the venue though and you’ll be well on your way to become a Fashion Legend!

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A compelling plot

Who doesn’t like a healthy dose of drama? The modelling industry is extremely competitive and your models are keen on becoming the next super model. Watch the story unfold as you progress your career as a fashion designer. Can your models put their differences aside to put on the best runway show?

Meet the Judges

VOGUE parody N208 Sam OHoward

Sam O'Howard

A harsh critic, but an icon of fast fashion. Sam is an expert on what’s going to sell big and fast. His number one fashion tip is to stick to some tried and true popular products, there’s a reason they’re flying off the shelves.

VOGUE parody N207 Amethyst Rose

Amethyst Rose

Amethyst is a real sweetheart. She’s not shy of giving away some compliments when you deserve it! Her number one fashion tip is to choose an outfit that speaks to you, instead of trying to conform to what others might like. You’re uniquely you and that’s what makes you awesome!

VOGUE parody N209 Jaxxson


Jaxxson is always living on the cutting edge of fashion! She’s a big fan of bold innovative moves! Nothing bores her more than a safe choice in clothes. Her number one fashion tip is to experiment! Try something new, and if it doesn’t work, well, at least it’s different! 

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