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Adventures in Khundalan Minecraft Marketplace Map Key Art
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44 thoughts on “Sub0 solutions”

  1. I tried the solution for 38 i just feel its wrong can ya’ll check? I tried and tried so many times i followed the colored arrows and only one block goes in and the other block goes in the lava. Thx for seeing this.

  2. I love this game, it’s the best, but the solution for level 25 doesn’t seem right. I may be doing it wrong but I’ve tried many versions and I can’t get the blocks onto the gold checkpoints

  3. When I see the solutions I feel real dumb but then again I got through all the levels leading up to 37, that one stumped me but overall it’s still a good game and you should try logic0 it’s also pretty fun.

  4. I don’t understand which way to read the directions because it’s just colored arrows next to each other

  5. Amazinghelper906

    This map is so cool and I’m in the middle of playing it but me and my friend got stumped so we looked and we rage quit because we were overthinking it so much

    1. This map is absolutely amazing I have played it a total of 40 times it is such a great map thank you GluCose for making this map I will post a youtube vid if that’s ok with you just so if people are confused on the solutions they can look it up on YouTube my youtube name xInferNO GhoSTzXXLOVE YOU all<3

  6. Amy Katherine Edwards

    I love this map, I’ve played it multiple times. Just think once you’ve finished the bonus levels, should be more things to congratulate you of winning? Maybe an extra room with a jukebox and banner patterns saying YOU WIN? Anyway, great map.

  7. I realized you need to face away from the puzzle for this to work. Some clarification for others might be nice. The game is good overall though.

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