Dinosaur Dig

Bring dinosaurs back to life! Go mining with giant machines deep within the caves to find MASSIVE dinosaur bones!

When you’ve assembled an entire skeleton, using the magic of science, we can bring it back to life for you to interact with!

  • Dig for dinosaur bones with drills, excavators, and more!
  • Complete your collection and bring dinos back to life!

Price: 990 coins

Platforms: Win10, Xbox One, Android, iOS, Switch, PS4

Release Date: January 5th, 2020

Category: Adventure Map

Players: Any amount

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16 thoughts on “Dinosaur Dig”

    1. You can get it for windows 10 edition on the marketplace, if you have Minecraft for Windows 10 installed and click on the link to the store on this page it should take you there.

  1. If I try to buy a dialogue box opens saying that Everbloom games wants to open URL: minecraft.net. When I click ´yes` nothing happens.

    I am using a laptop running Windows 10

  2. Hi , I have Windows 10 on my PC, and when I try to get this map and click on the icon, nothing happens. I tried to get this via marketplace on Minecraft and also here on this site. I only get a blank page showing untitled. Could you help me or provide a link that will work?

    1. Hi , I just would like to add the link that haven’t worked:


  3. Hey I want to play this on java edition. Is that possible? Or is it not out yet or just not available like that? If it is please tell me how I can find it since my brother really wants to see me play it, thanks!

    1. Unfortunately, it’s not possible to play this on Java edition and will never be as the two versions are very different from each other

  4. How Do I Use Dinosaur Dig For Minecraft Pe? It tells me to use a template, but when I use it, the template appears again.

  5. We create a new world and start in a cave with a view of the facility. There is a button under a sign that says Start Dino Dig. When we press it nothing happens and the cave closes up. We are stuck. How do we get to the facility?

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