Discover tons of newly added animals in a massive custom world! Every animal has its own unique behaviors, animations, and sounds. Explore in every direction! Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

If you’ve always wanted Minecraft to have more animals then this is the perfect map for you! Explore the custom terrain and start a survival adventure with more animals!

Price: 1340 coins

Release Date: July 16th 2019

Category: Mobs, Survival

Players: Any amount


  • 50+ new naturally spawning custom animals from all biomes of the world!
  • 3000×3000 custom terrain
  • Each animal has unique behaviors, animations and sounds! 

These Animals will not work in your own worlds! Only the special world we’ve prepared for you. The marketplace does not currently support add-ons in personal worlds

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Fully Animated!

Each animal has many complex animations to really make them feel alive. Penguins waddle, lions lick their toes, frogs leap and much more! We heard that crabs do something interesting around noon… 

Custom Behaviors

Watch out, some animals bite! The animals in this world really come alive through their custom behaviors, you’ll see tigers hunting deer, orcas attacking sharks, grazing bisons, soaring eagles and much more! 


Naturally Spawning Animals

The animals in this world will spawn naturally in the biomes they live in in the real world! You’ll need to explore other biomes to find them all, some are more rare than others! Animals also spawn outside of the custom terrain in the natural Minecraft world, you’ll be able to encounter animals everywhere, from camels in a desert village to sharks near an ocean temple! 


Massive Custom World

Explore a 3000 x 3000 custom world made up of enhanced Minecraft biomes where the animals live, sleep and eat. The colorful mesa biome, lush jungle and gorgeous mountains make for the perfect home for your next survival adventure! 

10 free skins!

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Discover tons of newly added animals in a massive custom world! Every animal has its own unique behaviors, animations, and sounds. Explore in every direction! …

26 thoughts on “Animals”

  1. It would be nice to known how to feed them… Because I’m testing and not found all (like elephant,lion…)

    1. これはほんとに素晴らしいパックです。

    1. I left a comment over a week ago and no one has got back to me. Everytime you go to play a world created with the Animals add on it crashes Minecraft. Have never been able to play once.

      1. Hey Tara,

        We’ve released an update to the map which should fix your issue. Please go to your packs on the store and update the pack, then create a new world and select the ANIMALS template. Let me know if it works for you now!

    2. 今までの動物のパックよりとてもすごいです。

  2. Hey guys AMAZING map and ANIMALS(pun intended) but the little guide books say u can sit on the elephants which I can but the website says that u can ride them with up to 3 players which I can’t do so is this a bug,if so pls fix,if not pls tell me how to ride them cuz I can just sit and not move on them. Keep up the good work

  3. When is the next update coming? I would like to see more animals! Anyway, these animals are great, and I love this map so much! It would be great to add more animals in the future!

  4. I’m trying to load this on a realm, Wich supports the marketplace add-on’s, but this one seems not to be working, how can this be fixed?

    1. At the moment realms is very buggy and the majority of marketplace content breaks on it. We recommend just playing on regular multiplayer. I know that this is disappointing but it is an issue that is up to the Minecraft team to fix. We know that they are working hard on doing so and realms should be more stable very soon.

  5. 今までの動物のパックよりとてもすごいです。

  6. I love this map but could you fix the trees, remove the stone slabs on the birch trees and add birch blocks and I really wish we could use the mobs in our own world

  7. Hey i’ve downloaded the animals pack last week and have been playing a little bit through it in survival but i’m wondering how to tame most of these animals i’ve tried a lot of different foods and plants and seeds but nothing has yet to work is there any sort of guide on how to tame all these crazy animals ?

  8. Hi can you play this on survival and creator mode? My son only likes creator mode and loves the animals but it would be great to get this and have so much more.

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