A Nightmare in Candyworld

King Candy has been kidnapped by the evil Lord Sugar Bones! Embark on a delicious adventure featuring thrilling action and a cast of loveable characters.

  • Fully voice acted!
  • Epic boss battles!
  • New candy monsters!
  • Custom Soundtrack
  • Multiplayer Supported

Price: 830 coins

Platforms: Win10, Xbox One, Android, iOS

Release Date: June 5th 2018

Category: Adventure Map, Action, Combat, Story

Players: 1-8 players

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Press Release (PDF, 524 KB) – Press Kit (ZIP, 161MB)

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21 thoughts on “A Nightmare in Candyworld”

  1. 32840e40e8755d877aff6260ca7824e7?s=50&d=mm&r=g

    i spent hours playing with my friends. when we finally got to the end of chapter four and were fighting sugar bones when the nightmare came out. After this we fought him as well as killing him once when he dissapeared backing up into the night. we thought we had won the game but king candy was never released. i searched up play throughs and it seems like that was supposed to be the end. Are we missing something or is this a glitch? we would really appriciate help with this problem. i tried to write another post but am not sure it went through.

    1. 1199f390585f46f0a1a3f280d649a17e?s=50&d=mm&r=g

      We are so sorry to hear that you were unable to see the final scene of this map, and we are happy to investigate this issue. Unfortunately we do not have a code for you at this time that will bring you to that specific point, but I have asked for that from the creator of this map. Just in case you would like to start from the beginning of the chapter 4, enable cheats and enter “/setblock 1 15 6 redstone_block” Please send us some more information about the issue at https://everbloomstudios.com/bug

    1. 1199f390585f46f0a1a3f280d649a17e?s=50&d=mm&r=g

      Unfortunately, there is no way to continue the map after flying away. You will need to restart a fresh version of the map, and if you would like to skip to the beginning of chapter 3 follow the steps below:

      From the Minecraft start screen, click on play.
      Locate the world you are playing, then click the small pencil icon to the right
      Within that menu, click on “Unlock Template World Options”
      Clicking this button will make a small pop up box appear.
      Within this pop up, click “Unlock all Settings”
      Then scroll to find “Activate Cheats”, click this button to enable the cheats
      Start your map again
      When your game starts, hit the chat button
      Type in /setblock 1 8 6 redstone_block

      You will need to make sure the code you type in matches what we have provided exactly, or the code will not work.

  2. e0472793b45943ec476293dad291cc6d?s=50&d=mm&r=g

    My daughter is asking for a code to release some TNT from a cage at the bottom of the chocolate cave. Any bits of advice? TIA.

  3. 96aa60c85d2b22695491eb319fc3e798?s=50&d=mm&r=g

    My daughter and I have been trying to play this all day (on an Xbox One) and we keep getting stuck going into Sweet Tooth’s cave. Upon entering, the lights come on and then we just keep receiving an error message stating “Return to Sugarrush before going deeper into the Cave”. When we return to the entrance, Sugarrush is suspended in one spot and does not move or speak, and we are unable to proceed. Any suggestions how to make this work?

    1. 7c530aeb3db1a2c6c053287b1cefd282?s=50&d=mm&r=g

      Hey Douglas,

      Thanks for reaching out! To fix this issue, open up the menu when you’re in the map and in “game” scroll down and select “activate cheats”. After that type the following command in chat: “/tp @e[type=mooshroom] @p”

      Let me know if it works for you!

      – Tom

      1. 06c138bbfe64c8350e231dff5f020666?s=50&d=mm&r=g

        My kids are having the same issue as stated above. I tried the suggested command, but they still can’t advance the map. This is very frustrating.

        1. 7c530aeb3db1a2c6c053287b1cefd282?s=50&d=mm&r=g

          Hey Brian,

          What happened when you put in the command? Did you get any feedback in the chat from the map?

      2. f5b683a892fac4505006731a1b800082?s=50&d=mm&r=g

        Same here, I used the chest and it just felt ports the fairy to my location but nothing else happens. Still can’t enter cave

      3. 6beed2f4f1c9780da4dde931f6ba30af?s=50&d=mm&r=g

        Okay this does work.

        Advice for people struggling:

        Make sure you have turned cheats on (they can be found under settings. it’s a little tick box and needs to be green)

        Stand further in the cave than Sugerrush Is (the command is going to teleport her on top of you)

        Make sure you have typed exactly what the command is, not including quote marks but make sure using square brackets. The command is:
        /tp @e[type=mooshroom] @p

  4. a2df01ef9ce34ae6e4f3c8d827f53872?s=50&d=mm&r=g

    I have (stupidly) twice purchased Nightmare in Candyworld and it closes before it loads. I am using an iPad Air with iOS version 12.4.2. Any suggestions to getting it to work?

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